Cute Little Puppy Seats In The Ticket Office Window … For A Reason!

This adorable dog’s name is Chiquita! A chubby cutie works at a bus station in Brazil, where she is already known to all the locals. 🙂

About two years ago, nine-year-old Chiquita was adopted by Adelsinior and Mariani. This couple runs a ticket office in the town of Blumenau. And they have an assistant, which is, you guessed it, the charming Chiquita! 🙂

The couple decided not to leave the dog at home alone for the whole day, but to take her to work so that she would not be bored.
So what are Chiquita’s responsibilities? She just sits at the counter and looks at all the passengers. Of course, this does not particularly affect the workflow, but still everyone’s mood improves noticeably. Everyone who buys a ticket and sees a cute dog walks away from the ticket office a little happier than they were a minute ago. 🙂


In the end, only our animals love us, no matter how good or bad we look, no matter how much money we have in our wallet, where we live and what we work with. Pets give us their heart, no matter what. And all they want in return is to feel that their love is mutual!

In the case of Chiquita, there is no doubt that her owners adore her. In gratitude, she bestows a good mood not only on the owners, but on all passengers.

“Happy journey wherever you go!” the dog wants. 🙂

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