Cullman County carjacking victim reunited with stolen dog. Little Dude was so happy to be home! Tap the link and watch a story!

Philip Lewis is happy and relieved that his dog Little Dude has been returned to him safe and sound after 15 extremely agonizing days.
It all started on August 28th. That day, this resident of Morris, Alabama, was in Dodge City, nearly 40 miles away. He stopped at a gas station, and his four-legged friend accompanied him in the car. It was there that a woman appeared, brandishing a gun, which she then put to her temple.

The attacker wanted to get the keys to the car. The distraught Philip Lewis had no choice but to give them to her. She left in the car with Little Dude still in it.
The car was found shortly after, but the man still had no news of his dog.

The testimonial that changed everything!

The situation remained unchanged until Sunday, September 11th. A woman living in Fairfield, about thirty kilometers south of her home, gave her invaluable testimony. She noticed that a neighbor recently got a new dog. She recognized Little Dude by seeing wanted ads on Facebook.

Phillip Lewis immediately notified the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office. His officers and their colleagues from Jefferson County worked together on the case. They went to the indicated address and indeed found the dog.

» Never give up. This, of course, is not the end of our journey together. We will continue to take risks together, but we will be much more careful. Thank you so much to all of you,” he wrote, in part.

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