Comparing Tuggly the cat, before and after after being rescued and adopted, it is hard to believe that this is the same animal. However, it is!

Once sick, cachectic and aggressive, he has become a being overflowing with love and serenity.

“I thought he was at least 10 years old, just by his appearance,” says Katherine Meara. The young woman and her companion then looked for the eldest feline, and the one in front of them was meant for them; they already knew it.
On Tuggly’s age: «Turned out I was wrong, but he just looked so depressed and sad compared to all the other cat photos I knew I needed to take,» she continues. Actually he is 5 years old.

Prior to being taken by Animal Welfare, he roamed the streets of Christchurch. He had severe cuts on his neck and was very thin. The extremely difficult life he led made him suspicious, restless and aggressive. The orphanage team explained this well to the couple who still wanted to adopt him after meeting him.

At home, Katherine Meara and her boyfriend did everything to help Tuggly relax and feel confident. They took the time to understand what he really needed and gradually adapted.

“My boyfriend and I don’t have kids or other pets. So to say that he is the prince of the house would be an understatement, says Katherine Meara. He loves to be with us all the time. He is very curious and should be involved in everything we do.”

All Tuggly needs is time, patience and love. Things he had in abundance from this friendly and caring couple.

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