Cleo was born on the street with her siblings. Alas, the kitten is the only survivor. The other cat is his mother now!

In early March 2022, Shelby Thorpe received a phone call saying that a stray kitten had been abandoned. His mother no longer cared for him, and all his siblings fell into eternal sleep. Alone and shivering, the survivor was placed in a warm place off Shelby, where she was given the best possible care.

Flea-ridden and victim of an eye infection, the angel who fell from heaven, who was christened Cleo, was spoiled by his benefactress. Washed, groomed and regularly bottle-fed, Cleo is back in business.
But one particular scene marked the volunteer: when the kitten arrived in its shipping box, a house cat named Polar came up and looked at Cleo. However, the cute feline had to wait a bit before he could formally meet the newcomer.

Over time, the young cat began to grow and flourish. Rejoicing in the warmth and full stomach, she became more and more curious and enthusiastically explored her new surroundings. Meanwhile, Polar continued to watch her from afar.

Once Cleo’s quarantine was lifted and she was in perfect health, an adult cat was able to emerge. Polar immediately took the frail creature under her wing and took on the role of a nanny. He cleans her up and stays by her side the whole time. “Polar takes her motherhood very seriously,” Shelby said.

Cleo is over the moon when her protector spoils her. She likes to snuggle up to him and soak up all his love.

The kitten went through hard times, including losing all his brothers and sisters. But today he fully lives every day offered to him in the company of his soulmate, whom he considers a parent. Shelby even seems to smile when she sleeps, knowing she is safe and loved.

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