Chiquito, a giant stray cat that keeps growing. He weighs almost 9 kilograms and is constantly growing.

There is no size standard for stray cats, as they do not conform to any breed. However, on average, they weigh from 3 to 5 kilograms. Some specimens, more often males, can reach 7 kilograms. Chiquito, he’s far surpassed normality.

Marisa Andreatta adopted her adorable Chiquito (meaning «tiny») when he was a kitten. A neighbor found hungry droppings in the yard and took the liberty of entrusting the kids to local residents.

At the time, there was no indication that it would become giant. “It was a small wad of fur that could fit in one hand,” Marisa told LM Neuquén.

A woman, a resident of the province of Rio Negro in Argentina, at first believed that her kitten was a female, and therefore named her Yana. “A name that didn’t suit her at all,” Marisa joked.

Unprecedented Growth

Chiquito has grown into a young man looking for a night’s rest. It was then that Marisa and her husband realized that it was actually a man. His hair got bigger and bigger and he had an insatiable appetite. “You have to plan a significant budget to feed him,” Marisa confirmed.

Today Chiquito is the size of a small dog. It weighs almost 9 kilograms and is constantly growing. Photos posted by his mistress on social networks caused a strong reaction. Some call the cat «the beauty of nature.» Others wonder about her ancestry, but Marisa assures his mother was a medium-sized cat.

The hypothesis is thus that the animal came from a cross between a stray cat and a cat of a large breed such as the Maine Coon, Norwegian, or even the Ragdoll.

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