Chihuahua Helps Older Pets Get Adopted…

The little dog became a real star of the Internet after her owner shared their touching story. The notoriety that allowed him to do good in his former hideout.

Stevie is a 10 year old Chihuahua dog. She lives with his owner Lisa Arden in San Francisco, California, USA. Stevie had a hard time until Lisa adopted him from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, which specializes in raising and adopting older dogs. His owner has already adopted 28 dogs there and wanted to praise the merits of such an action.

Social networks as a springboard

To help more people experience the joy of adopting an elderly animal, Lisa has shared and documented Stevie’s journey online. The bitch’s playful nature and sweet demeanor did the rest. “Stevie’s internet presentation showed people how amazing older dogs can be. I always show videos of Stevie running and playing, they prove that older pets can still have a lot of zest for life,” Lisa told.

As a result, the duo has been spotted by Petco Love as part of their 2021 Petco Love Stories campaign, which aims to raise funds for local associations like Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, where Stevie is from. The touching story of Lisa and her dog was selected as one of the winners. Therefore, his association was lucky enough to receive a grant of almost 34,000 euros. The little dog and her owner do not intend to stop there and continue to amaze the Network with their cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

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