Chase’s story who finally has the loving family he deserves after so many years at the shelter.

This dog, whose extreme shyness was ignored by potential owners, now has a home and has never been happier.
July 23, 2022 was a day of great significance for Chase, a 9-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback cross. This was the date he was reunited with his family after an 8 year wait.

This dog actually arrived at the Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic and Ranch in Palm City, Florida in January 2014.

He was waiting to be adopted by a family, but the adoption candidates didn’t hustle in front of his box. The visitors were reluctant because of the suspicious attitude of the dog, which preferred to remain in the shadows.

Reisi Lundy, a former shelter worker, followed him for some time, although she was mainly focused on her Jensen Beach-based pet care business.

“When I met Chase in 2019, I was amazed to learn that he had been living at the Furry Friends Ranch since January 2014,” she says. She visited him regularly, gave him treats and accompanied him on walks to win his trust.

Promise kept!

She promised herself that she would return for him forever in her own time. She kept her word.

One of his dogs recently passed away. After mourning, she felt ready to open the doors of her house to Chase. She called Jason Gluck, director of Furry Friends, and officially adopted a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross 2 hours later.

Chase’s new owner gave him a cozy corner and even a sandbox, because he loves to dig. She plans to throw him a nice 10th birthday party.

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