Cat fights for life after being hit by a car! The streets are dangerous for cats…

The study found that juveniles are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents. In fact, almost 50% of people with serious injuries are between the ages of 7 months and 2 years. Also, according to Vets Now, the chance of a cat being in a car accident decreases by 16% every year as it increases with age.

Roscoe, a 10-month-old black and white stray cat survivor, lives with his mistress Verity Whaley-Norton near Nottingham in England.

One Friday morning, Verity was worried that her furry ball would not be coming home as usual. In the evening, around 9 pm, he finally arrived. «I was glad he was back, but then I noticed a bump the size of a tennis ball on his side,» said Verity, who rushed him to the vet at Vets Now’s Alfreton Hospital.
Roscoe was obviously in a lot of pain. An examination showed that his ribs were broken, his abdominal muscles were torn, and his diaphragm was damaged. The next morning he was operated on. “Roscoe was in critical condition when he was hospitalized and needed pain relief. The first step was to stabilize him before assessing the extent of his injuries,” explained Rachel, a veterinary nurse.

Today, the cat does not have the consequences of a terrible car accident that could have cost him his life. Verity hopes her faithful companion has learned his lesson and is now paying more attention to passing cars. She regrets that the driver did not stop to help his faithful companion. According to veterinarians, this is a very common behavior.

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