Cat Determined to Never Step Paw Outdoors Again and Holds onto Man Who Helped Him

A homeless cat in poor health was able to say goodbye to the streets thanks to a good Samaritan. Placed in a foster home where he received many treatment, he began a new chapter in his life.
A woman found a stray cat in a park in the Bronx (New York, USA). The poor animal was desperately looking for food. So the walker offered him some to fill his small stomach. Alas, the cat could not support herself due to an oral infection. The cat, later named Andrey, groaned in pain at the slightest bite.

Andrew continued to get better in his new cozy nest. The infection that tormented him is now just a bad memory.

Andrew was very gentle with other cats, who were also battered by life. He is also very attached to people.
Also Andrew, fully recovered, later moved in with Jeff, another volunteer who became a foster family. The fluffy lump literally became attached to his new benefactor. Andrei loved him so much that he followed him everywhere and looked forward to his return home after each absence.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to realize that the cat had become a big part of his life. «Its purr is as loud as a parked Harley-Davidson with the engine running,» the volunteer said.

Thus, Andrei imprinted the imprint of his velvet paw in the heart of his adoptive father who adopted him. The black and white cat became Jeff’s best friend and closest confidant. These two have the sweetest bond!

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