Cat Came Back to the Woman Who Helped Her Kittens, Now Waits for Perfect Home with Her Daughter! Tap the link and watch a video!

Majesty knocked on the right door. Having brought her kittens to Jen Marder, she couldn’t be in a better position, as the latter is the adoptive mother of Wrenn Rescues in Los Angeles. The tramp, however, was not yet ready to trust him, says Love Meow.

The volunteer took care of her and her offspring. The kittens grew up and she found loving families for them. Majesty, she mysteriously disappeared before reappearing a few months later.

She was pregnant again and knew full well that Jan Marder would come to her aid again, although she still treated him with some caution. As the days passed, she began to realize that she had nothing to fear and that she was safe at home. Majesty even got into the habit of approaching a volunteer, rubbing against her legs and sweetly meowing and purring.

Her 2nd litter was just as lucky as the first. The kittens have reached an age where they can settle into their new homes, and so they were all adopted. All but one female named Periwinkle.
The young cat, the smallest of the brothers and sisters, is extremely attached to his mother, to the point that he follows her everywhere and does everything with her: naps, plays, eats…

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