Cartoon-Obsessed Cat Asks To Turn On The TV Every Morning

Cats usually like to have fun watching birds or passers-by through the window. Ella prefers to watch her cartoons on TV over and over again. And if her owner doesn’t get up early enough, she won’t hesitate to wake her up.

Ella is an extraordinary cat. Emily Kalaygyan, her owner, adopted her when she was 10 years old. Since then, she has spent her time relaxing and watching TV, expressing her tastes clearly. “Ella is very daring and demanding. However, that’s only because she’s a woman who knows what she wants, and I can’t blame her for that,» Emily joked.

About a month after her adoption, Emily watched the movie The Grinch and immediately noticed that her cat liked it. Intrigued, she began to closely follow the adventures of the protagonist. From then on, Ella demanded that we put on a program for her on TV every morning.

“My husband and I started experimenting with different programs to find out what she likes or dislikes. In 2020, being stuck indoors with her and the TV only increased her obsession,” Emily told The Dodo.

From now on, it is always the same ritual. Ella is waiting for Emily to wake up. If she gets impatient because her owner is sleeping late, she meows as an alarm. “Then I choose a program and watch it to see if she likes it. Now I can tell she won’t like it, even though she surprises me sometimes,» Emily said.

Ella has her own TikTok account where her owner posts videos of her cat’s demands and passion for television. The community suggests programs that may be suitable for Ella. Thus, Emily and her husband discover series they didn’t know about. «His favorite show right now is Oswald at Paramount,» Emily explained.

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