Can you find something cuter than love between son and dad? Tap the link and enjoy video!

The first meeting with the baby is definitely one of the best moments in the life of a parent. Thanks to the star of Tik-Tok, the dog Tucker, we can share these moments of joy. We can watch this meeting again and again until we are filled with oxytocin to the very top! It’s so cute it just makes your head spin.

A smart golden retriever named Tucker became a dad for the first time in the summer of 2021. He is a real star, 8.8 million subscribers follow his life. Like an ordinary human celebrity, he shares funny and touching moments from his life. Look at this muzzle when he found out that he would be a dad — it seems that he is about to burst with pride. It’s impossible to believe that he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

The newborns stayed at the mother’s house. There they grew up, gained strength, learned to crawl and open their eyes. Finally, the time came for independence — and Courtney, the mistress of the retriever, took one baby from the litter for herself. Sometimes breeders do this: they give the thoroughbred dad «duty» to one of the kids. It seemed that Tucker understood that this day should be special — or perhaps he was simply transferred to the excitement of the hostess. When the dog heard the car in the driveway, the young father ran out into the corridor and waited.

And here is another cute video where dad teaches his son to swim!

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