Buying food for a stray cat she met in the store, the young woman had no idea that this was the beginning of a great friendship story! Tap the link and watch a video.

Tanya Santos, who lives in Mexico, went shopping. There she found a white stray cat. The girl wanted to pet him, but the animal had other plans.
He took her to the cat food department. He clearly knew what he wanted, as he put his paw on a pack of treats.

Tanya Santos bought it for him. She then asked the staff if he had a family, but no one knew. It was simply explained to him that he regularly came, waited to be fed, and left as soon as his stomach was full.

Returning to the store for other purchases, she found a white cat and offered him food. She then carefully followed him to see where he was hiding. The cat had a small place by the road, and there was nowhere to hide from the weather. Tanya Santos immediately made a decision. “I took him home and adopted him,” she says.

She reported this to store employees, who assured her that no one had come for her. Tanya Santos apparently took the opportunity to buy him other treats and toys.
She named the cat Conejo, which means rabbit in Spanish. The quadruped had bad hair, several old wounds, and a severed tail. No one knows if these injuries are the result of an accident, a fight, or abuse.

For the first few days in his new home, Conejo appeared «very sad and scared most of the time». However, he subsequently achieved great success thanks to the kindness and love of Tania Santos. His care also allowed him to regain his health.
Since his adoption, the cat has led a happy life.

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