Bunny and Dash saw death up close. Having overcome many difficult trials, the cat and her kitten never part with each other and enjoy every day they live.

Life is not always a long calm river. Bunny, a tabby cat with a beautiful round belly, roamed the streets before being handed over to the caring hands of the Animal Care Service in Indianapolis (USA).

Shortly after arriving, she gave birth to 4 tiny hairballs. Since the felines were in urgent need of a foster home, IndyHumane, an animal rescue group, offered to help. Jennifer, one of the volunteers, welcomed the little tribe with open arms.

Alas, the young mother and her babies contracted a serious respiratory infection, reports Lovemeow. The cat lost her appetite and no longer produced enough milk for her newborns. “The family ended up in intensive care at IndyHumane,” Jennifer explained, “despite intervention, 3 out of 4 kittens did not survive. The only survivor of the litter was named Dash.

Bunny and Dash made it through the ordeal and recovered. United by misfortune, they never left each other. The mother is extremely caring towards her kitten, which is embraced by love.

Weeks passed, leaving the past in oblivion. “As soon as she started to feel better, her playful side came out,” said her benefactor, “she is very energetic, curious and loves toys. She is also very kind and seeks a lot of attention and affection.»

Bunny has retained her feline soul but takes her role as a parent very seriously. She is incredibly patient with Dash and tolerates his slightest antics! Thanks to its exceptional mother, the young feline successfully goes through all stages of its development. Dash is on his way to becoming a big beautiful cat.

Spayed Bunny will never give birth to kittens again. Now she enjoys every day she lives, not worrying about tomorrow. Dash thrives around her. The worst is now far behind and their future looks bright.

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