Buddy Has Officially Been Adopted!

Buddy was horribly attacked, 2 dogs, instigated by minors, brutally attacked this cat. A few weeks later, the cat not only recovered from this attack, but began a new chapter in her life.
Do you remember Buddy, this cat who was the victim of the cruelty of two young people on one of the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Today, his injuries are just a bad memory, but that’s not all; he was adopted by one of those who worked hard to save him, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Thursday, May 26.

On March 22, the animal was rescued as a last resort by a man when it was attacked by 2 dogs. Canids, who was instigated to attack him by a 17-year-old teenager and his accomplice, who was 5 years younger than him.

Seriously injured and injured, Buddy was placed under the care of the Pennsylvania SPCA. Thanks to the care and attention of the veterinarians and the association staff, the cat’s wounds gradually healed.

Equally valuable was the comfort given to the cat by veterinarian Kate Venanzi and her husband David, who became her foster family after she left the clinic.

Buddy’s misadventures touched many Internet users. To help the association fund the treatment, donations came not only from the four corners of the United States, but also from overseas, especially Europe and Australia.

Thus, the amount of donations exceeded 100,000 dollars (approximately 93,000 euros), which largely covered the needs of the cat. According to the Pennsylvania SPCA, the rest of the money will go to rescue other animals in distress.


Adopted by a veterinarian who welcomed him!

An association that announced yesterday another great piece of news regarding Buddy. The wonderful cat was actually adopted by Kate Venanzi and her husband.
“Buddy has touched so many lives. He received support from all corners of the globe and gave all of us what we desperately needed: hope,” said Jillian Kocher, Pennsylvania SPCA spokesperson.

As for minors who threw their dogs at a cat, they are subject to criminal prosecution for cruelty to animals.

Their victim is a thousand miles away from the ordeal they put him through, as Jillian Kocher explains: “Today, Buddy spends his days basking in the sun on a windowsill or watching the world go through a screen door. He has every toy a cat could want, although his favorite seems to be an empty cardboard box to warm up in. He is loved and has a home. »

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