Boys found a kitten hidden in a pile of firewood and give him the love in a new family!

The kitten broke into the farm before being noticed by its inhabitants, who decided to make him the newest member of their family.

Elizabeth Stewart lives in Shelbyville, Tennessee. She owns a farm of more than 50 hectares, where she practices regenerative and organic agriculture. His sons Caleb and Noah are happy to develop in this way among animals and greenery, and their daily lives often surprise them.

They recently experienced one of the most beautiful. Elizabeth Stewart was amazed that day to see her children showing such great interest in the woodpile. They were captivated not by brushwood and logs, but by what was hidden among them. Kitten, in this case.

No one knows how this young cat got there. “She had to travel a long way to find our farm, but we are so happy that she did,” says the mother.

The youngest, Caleb, managed to lure her out of hiding by being very gentle and patient with her. It was he who chose the name for the little feline now called Mrs. Puffington. Very quickly, the boy and the cat became the best friends in the world.

Playful and affectionate cat!

As the days passed, Mrs. Puffington began to reveal her charming, playful and energetic personality. “She is very curious and loves to play and cuddle,” Elizabeth Stewart says of the addition to the family, as she was formally adopted shortly after her arrival.

Mrs. Puffington no longer has to wander and fight for survival. “Now she is thriving,” her owner continues.

Every day, the cat waits for Caleb to return from school to spend the rest of the day by his side, playing with the toys he makes for her. It’s good to see their complicity.

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