Both kittens are the best brother and sister you can imagine! It’s adorable!

Bane and Ines are two adorable fluffy little ones who have had a hard time. Two babies were indeed found in the alley by a good Samaritan. The unfortunates were only 5 weeks old and, despite research, their mother was absent.

The man immediately realized that they needed help and so turned to the Chatons Orphelins Montréal (COM) shelter, which specializes in saving cats in Quebec.

When they got into foster care, Ines and Bane were afraid of people. However, they had to receive care.

The kittens were thin and infested with parasites. Therefore, the veterinary clinic treated them for fleas and worms. They were then able to take full advantage of their adopted home.

Bain and Ines never parted. They rallied to survive in a very hostile environment for such small creatures, and this brought them together forever. The young man was the protector of his sister.
A few days later, in this cozy new house with an always full bowl, two little cats began to come out of their shells. Now they showed their joy of life and noticeably gained weight.

The woman therefore came to the conclusion that it would be cruel to separate them. Consequently, they were offered for adoption together. Luckily, after a few weeks, the couple fell in love with the duo.

Ines and Bane have found their eternal home, where they now enjoy a life of play, sleep and food to eat as much as they like. They give pleasure to their attentive owners, who gladly participated in their development.

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