Boo, once a wild and unhealthy kitten, has turned into a beautiful young man:)

Neighbors found a 5-week-old kitten on the street, which was clearly helped.

He suffered from an upper respiratory tract infection and digestive problems. Moreover, his dirty coat indicated that he had not enjoyed the protection of his mother for some time.
They then contacted AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, who entrusted him to one of their volunteers, Nadia.

The latter arranged a cozy corner for a baby named Boo and tried to get him back in shape.
The veterinarian, who examined Bu, prescribed him a treatment aimed at curing his ailments. At the same time, Nadezhda bathed him, although he was afraid.

“Boo was terrified when he got home. He meowed in fear. He had very dirty eyes and nasal discharge. He was also very hungry, ”said Nadezhda.

A young woman will not only have to pay special attention to her new tenant, but also show patience in order to gain his trust.

Nevertheless, the baby testified that he was pleased to be in a warm and safe environment. Most of his days he slept on a heating pad, which allowed him to quickly recover and restore strength.
Soothing words and caresses of Nadezhda also contributed to its development.

After a few weeks, he allowed himself to be persuaded and eventually surprised his benefactress by climbing onto the sofa to join her for a nap.

“Now he is a sweet, affectionate, brave and playful kitten who wanders around the house for several hours before returning to his safe place — my office,” Nadezhda explained, delighted with the change.
Therefore, the timid and unhealthy baby of the past has now turned into a ball of tenderness. He gained self-confidence and made his foster family happy.

He will soon socialize with other cats in the house and then be offered for adoption so he can enjoy lifelong love and care.

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