Blind cat with painful past wins hearts of millions with adorable videos! Tap the link and watch it!

Dmitry lost his sight due to a serious eye infection. Found wandering the streets of Greece, he began a new chapter in his life in London.

Dmitry was found on the street of Athens. His severely infected eyes required major surgery. The cat underwent a double enucleation, leaving him completely blind. The animal was then taken care of by an association based in London.
Emma Pelkevich, who lives in the capital of England, adopted a cat 3 years ago. “I fell in love with him when I went to visit him,” she admitted, “he rubbed against my leg when I entered the room, and I knew that I should adopt him! » An encounter that changed the life of this cat with a painful past forever…

Although Dmitri is deprived of his two eyes, he remains happy, content and in good health. The cat, who is about 4 years old, loves to safely enter his owner’s small garden. “He behaves like any other cat,” explained his benefactor, “he knows my apartment, jumps on furniture, plays with toys and is very affectionate. […] He is perfect just the way he is. »

But Dmitry not only won Emma’s heart… Since August 2021, the girl has been regularly posting videos of her adored protégé on social networks. The Blind Cat Dmitry account has pleased almost 930,000 subscribers to date. Videos that reveal the daily life of this atypical furry lump collect hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

«I’m so happy that so many people around the world love her and know how wonderful blind cats can be,» said Emma, ​​»I hope her online presence encourages others to adopt disabled pets.» »

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