Blind and war-weary ex-military dog has the right to happiness again thanks to a veteran! Tap the link and watch that touching video!

A touching video shows a blind dog leaving the shelter with his new owner. The latter, a former military man, was touched by the story of the dog, who also served in the armed forces.
This is a completely new existence that begins for Elby, who until then only knew war, then life in a shelter. This former military dog ​​now has the family of a man who, like him, returned from battle with deep scars.

Alby was a member of one of the canine units used by the United States Armed Forces. He notably served in Iraq and did not return unscathed. Blind and injured, he ended up at the Tampa Bay Humane Society shelter in Florida.

According to Scott, army dogs should be given more attention. “They serve just like we do,” he recalls. They go through the same things that we do, and we give them nothing in return. The least we can do is give them a home.”

A week after the introduction of Elby, the dog adapted perfectly to the new environment. He and his new human friend soon became inseparable.

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