Belgian Shepherd Malinois Protects His Human From The Puma

In northern California, USA, a dog protected its owner from a cougar. The dog was hailed as a hero.

Erin Wilson from Trinity County (northwest of Sacramento) walked along the river with her dog Eva. The duo took advantage of this beautiful green setting when an unexpected guest showed up unannounced.

According to the 24-year-old girl, a cougar would have rushed to her and hit her with a paw on her left shoulder.
“I screamed: “Eve!”, And she came running. They fought for a few seconds, and then I heard her start to cry,” Erin recalled, suffering from the attack.

«My dog ​​is my hero»

During the fight, the cougar bit the dog on the head and did not let go, even when its owner threw shells at it. Stones and sticks were useless. Completely distraught, Erin ran to her car to grab a tire iron and challenge a passing driver. The latter, responding to the name Sharon Houston, got out of the car with a PVC tube and a tear gas canister in her hands.

Thus, the two women joined forces to free the Malinois from the clutches of its attacker. In the end, the protective spray scared the big cat away. If Erin escaped with only a few scratches and bruises, then Eve, on the contrary, had 2 skull fractures, a perforation of the nasal cavity, and a serious injury at the level of her left eye.

In this regard, the victim was taken to the veterinary clinic. While his condition is stable. «We hope she does well,» said Erin’s husband, Connor. «She’s a fighter.» While her furry friend is recovering, a young woman has started a fundraiser to pay the veterinarian’s bills.

In awe of her dog’s courage and loyalty, Erin already knows how to thank her. New plush toys and a steak are waiting for him at home. “My dog ​​is my hero, and I owe him my life,” she concluded, not without emotion.

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