Being able to just save kittens in abandoned places must be very stressful job but successfully rescuing them is equally rewarding. Tap the link and watch an amazing rescue!

The old abandoned hospital hadn’t had a single patient in a long time. Why, there was no hospital itself! But it was here, among the dirt, broken things and debris, that a cat suddenly appeared … She came here, thinking that this is a safe place.

Soon kittens were born here. That’s just the living conditions for the young were unsuitable. That is why volunteers appeared in front of a pile of garbage. They needed to find the babies and save the entire four-legged family.

Several pretty faces looked at them with frightened little eyes. There were three babies in total, and they were lying under a collapsed shelf. The little ones were silent, not making a single sound.
All of them managed to be carefully carried out, and soon the crumbs were already washed under a stream of warm water. It was clear that the kittens were wild and had never been in contact with humans. Their faces expressed fear, tension and distrust, although the warm towel in which they were wrapped clearly pleased the crumbs.

After some time, they were sent to the local organization Eleventh Hour for overexposure. Small balls of wool began to study the situation and the people who were there. The most courageous little one even got up on his hind legs and tried to cling to the volunteer’s leg with his claws.

So what about the mother cat? Unfortunately, the rescuers did not tell anything about her. It is likely that she was also rescued, and she is overexposure, or maybe the wild purr was never caught. In any case, you don’t have to worry about the fate of her kids: they are in good hands!

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