Beautiful transformation of this kitten on the verge of starvation into a small creature full of life!

In July 2022, the Newborn Kitten Rescue Association entrusted a 10-week-old kitten in very poor condition. The poor boy named Maurizio was skin and bones. He was an orphan and needed urgent help.

«He had an eye infection and was very thin for his age,» Anjelica Johnson, the organization’s foster family, told The Dodo.
So the Good Samaritan took him to the vet to get adequate eye treatment.
Moreover, she took him to her home to pamper him day and night and thus give him a chance to survive.

“I felt an instant connection with Maurizio when I first saw him,” Angelica said.

The tiny child was not ready to give up. He always welcomed the bottles prepared by Angelica every 4 hours.
“It took 2 attempts before he found an infant formula that worked for him. He also received daily subcutaneous fluids aimed at maintaining hydration,” explained the benefactor.

Thanks to this cocktail of nutrients and Angelica’s love, Maurizio’s well-being improved markedly in just one month.

In addition, he met a cat friend named Milana, who allows him to socialize by playing and hugging another animal.

“Now he feels very good! Both from a physical and psychological point of view. He has the typical behavior of a well-kept kitten, said Angelica to the angels.
At the moment, the 3-month-old cat is still in the care of a foster family.

When he is ready, spayed, identified and vaccinated, he will search for his home forever.

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