As usual, Senior Labrador Fred has become the foster father of a new litter of orphaned ducklings!

An elderly dog ​​greeted with open paws sibling ducklings abandoned by their mother, People reports on Tuesday, July 5.

The canine in question is far from unknown and not a novice in this matter. He already made a name for himself in 2018 by adopting the first litter of 9 little orphaned ducklings. Visitors to Mountfitchet Castle in Essex, England already knew him both for his kindness and for the benevolence and patience he showed towards his young protégés.

This time around, Fred has become the foster father of 15 ducklings, as announced yesterday on the Castle Mountfitchet Facebook page. The post includes 3 adorable photos of a Labrador Retriever laying on the grass with young waterfowl snuggling up to him.

Their mother disappeared from the estate during the night, and more than ever they needed comfort and comfort. The soothing paws of a dog were waiting for them.

Fred watches over them, protects them, and even serves as their vehicle and playground, allowing them to roam as they please on his back.
His attitude is softened and liked by many Internet users, but this is far from surprising his owner. “During those 15 years, Fred spent a lot of time at the animal castle and being among the various rescued animals became second nature to him,” said Jeremy Goldsmith.

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