«As soon as Martina was born, Luna immediately considered her her sister» The story of friendship from the first minutes of life!

The birth of little Martina filled Luna, a golden retriever, with joy. The latter has already expressed a desire to play her favorite game with her: throwing a ball.

While pregnant, Maria Fernanda Osterling noticed that her dog always insisted on staying close to her. Obviously, the female golden retriever knew perfectly well that the family was about to replenish.

As soon as Martina was born, Luna immediately “considered her her sister,” said the young mother. “ The moon protects her, takes care of her and lies next to her when she sleeps. »

But what the furry ball doesn’t seem to understand yet is that Martina has to grow up before she can play with her!
Once Maria watched a touching scene. A beauty in a golden dress entered the room with her favorite blue balloon and placed it next to the newborn baby. Then she waited for the baby to throw herself at her! Luna was a little taken aback that the child didn’t quite understand the signal, but kept her good spirits nonetheless.

“I am sure that when Martina grows up, they will be great friends and sisters,” said Maria, “the animal has the ability to give us endless love, and Luna is very good at expressing this. Contemplating the beginning of a great friendship is a real pleasure, especially for parents!

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