Aoife is a young stray cat who is paralyzed for life and doesn’t care about her disability. Tap the link and watch a real Internet star!

Sabrina de Matteo and her husband James adopted Aoife in November 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic. The poor baby, then 2 weeks old, was rescued from the engine compartment of a car.

His mother and siblings were not found nearby. Therefore, she ended up alone in a shelter with a serious illness.
The couple received training from the Aoife foster family in order to learn how to provide for themselves.

Aoife cannot use his 2 hind legs, but still manages to crawl. She must wear a diaper and her owners must manually empty her bladder and bowels daily.

In addition, Sabrina and James have set up their home so that she can roam wherever she wants, without stopping at the stairs, and eat comfortably at the table reserved for this.

“Aoife has a fun, fun and cheeky personality and is definitely the owner of our 5 house cats,” said Sabrina.
Sabrina and James wanted to spread the word about the existence of Aoife to the world in order to demonstrate that a disabled cat can have a fulfilling life.

“Aoife is not hurt, she is very happy. Just watch the video to see it. Through the images, people were also able to see how much she is loved and cared for. His needs may be different from those of other cats, but his life has value,” the young woman added.

His Instagram profile is currently followed by nearly 60,000 people across the planet. Some episodes have over 73 million views and have generated many reactions.

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