Angels sent from Heaven…Burrito’s owners didn’t know what to do to find this poodle who had gone missing ten days ago.

The Burrito is a famous dog in Auckland, New Zealand with over 4,000 followers on Instagram. This gorgeous 3 year old poodle is a delight to his owners, Grace and Isaac Lyola.

The couple, however, recently endured 11 days of torment over the disappearance of a dog that was eventually found thanks to other dog owners.
Burrito was playing with another dog at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. It was there that the poodle escaped the observation of its owners and disappeared.

That night, Grace and Isaac Lyola set up camp trying to find him. Despite their efforts, there was no trace of their four-legged friend.

After their appeals were posted on social media, many volunteers, dog owners or not, mobilized to help Lajole in their search. They combed the area by the dozen, looking for the slightest sign of a burrito pass.

These people included Lisa Webster and Amanda Te Wake, 2 friends who are passionate about dogs and joined this momentum of solidarity on Monday afternoon. They were walking with Odin, Amanda’s clumsy dog.

They walked along the stream. Here they noticed movement, on the opposite bank. They recognized Burrito at once, despite the dirt and vegetation that hid him. Lisa Webster and Amanda The Wake hurried to find Grace Liola’s phone number to tell her the news.

She and her husband wasted no time. They quickly got to the place. Meanwhile, Lisa “wrapped him in a jacket, hugged and kissed him. I also tried to give him water, but he didn’t want anything. He was shaking a lot.» It wasn’t until his owners arrived that he began to wag his tail.

Grace Lyola called her saviors «angels sent from heaven». She and Isaac immediately took the dog to the veterinary clinic, where he spent the night under observation and put on a drip.

Burrito was dehydrated, malnourished and «so thin I can feel his bones,» his mistress says. However, it should recover with adequate rest and care.

“We kept the faith and never lost hope,” reads the conclusion of the Instagram post announcing the return of the four-legged.

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