«And who are you?!» In the house, a pet was waiting for a man, only … he never had a cat! :)

It’s good when you come home after work and your favorite cat meets you in the living room. But only if you actually have a cat!

A man named Nigell, a resident of the city of San Diego, went to work in the morning as if nothing had happened. And when he returned in the evening, he saw an unfamiliar cat right in his house!

The little prankster sat peacefully on a chair and looked forward to the new owner.
Presumably, the cat climbed into the house through an open window. When Nigell noticed him, he got scared and began to rush around the room.

When they finally found a common language, the man decided to ask the neighbors whose cat it was. However, they all shrugged their shoulders! Then Nigell put the cat in the car and drove to the vet.

After all the necessary procedures and examination, they came back home. The discouraged man could think of no other way out than to keep the cat.)

Now Nigell and Buddy have become literally inseparable friends. The striped whale always follows its owner on its heels and loves to sleep on its head.
That’s how animals sometimes choose us, not we them!

If you have been dreaming about a dog or a cat for a long time, but you just can’t get it, don’t worry! Maybe your pet will find you… 😉

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