An Unbreakable Friendship With An Australian Shepherd!

Nikita and Blue are best friends. The first is a cat and the second is a dog. Their wonderful friendship was born 5 years ago, after a tragedy experienced by a cat.

Alain Hasson and her husband Jerry live in Indian Lake, New York. They are the happy owners of a wonderful animal duo consisting of a cat and a dog. Their story is reported by Newsweek.

The American Shorthair cat’s name is Nikita, she is 8 years old. His friend is a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd named Blue. Both love each other and are inseparable from the moment they met.

Nikita grew up in another family, where they also had a dog. She got used to dogs from a very young age. Unfortunately, their owner had died by that time, and 2 animals had to look for a new home. The cat was adopted by Alena and Jerry, and the dog moved to another house.

The couple had just lost their former dog, an Australian Shepherd, and wanted a cat because they are easier to care for. However, Alain and Jerry then realized that eventually they too wanted to get a new dog. So the family grew up with another Australian.

Nikita and Blue got along great from the start. Since then, their relationship has been idyllic. “We never had the slightest problem,” their owner explains. I know it’s unusual, but I think the fact that the cat grew up with another dog when they were both little played an important role.»

«The funniest thing is when they fight»

They are together all the time and spend time either playing or lying side by side. Alain and Jerry know how lucky they are to have them in their family. The couple brings them a lot of happiness, but also a lot of laughter. Their man says that “the funniest thing is when they fight. The cat jumps on the dog’s head, and the dog grabs it by the paw and pulls it to the ground.

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