An inseparable blind dog and her «guide dog» hope to find a loving family. Tap the link and watch a video!

The employees of the shelter where they live are looking for a loving family for 2 inseparable dogs, one of them is blind.

Penny, a 7-year-old nearly blind Shih Tzu, and Sandy, a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix, were in very poor condition when they arrived at the RSPCA shelter in St. Columbus, a town in central Cornwall (southwest of Cornwall) . ) «England»).

They are being cared for and pampered by volunteers and are feeling much better today, but now it’s time for them to end their lives at the shelter and meet a new family.

The RSPCA team in St. Columbus wants them to be adopted together since they can’t deprive each other.

“ Penny is so charming and more confident than her friend, even though she has limited vision.

Sandy was very worried and wouldn’t let anyone get close to her, let alone touch her. The volunteers, however, were very understanding and patient with them, which enabled him to make tremendous progress. “After about a week, we gradually managed to win her trust, and she really began to come out of her shell. Since Penny is very sociable, she helps Sandy gain confidence,” says Sammy Howard about this.

The ideal for this duo would be to find a quiet home with no other pets or small children. The Saint Columbus RSPCA hopes that media coverage of their story will make this dream a reality.

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