An injured dog found on the border with Ukraine sets out on a journey of hope. Tap the link and watch a video!

«The eyes are the window to the soul» — Roxx’s eyes reflect immeasurable fear. He was taken care of by a Polish association while he roamed the border with Ukraine, and then Les 3 Dindes and YouCare repatriated him to France. The path to hope, to life.

For Rox, life was hardly a pleasant and leisurely stroll, but rather a difficult journey. Climbing a steep mountain is a long test.

The exhausted, out of breath dog held on and finally made it to the top thanks to beautiful people reaching out to him.

We currently know that this tormented soul wandered across the Ukrainian border with a canine partner before being picked up by a Polish association. The Les 3 Dindes Refuge Farm team then repatriated them to France along with other survivors.

This trip, co-funded by patrons of the association YouCare, as well as member companies of Label 1% Pour Les Animaux, organized with the help of the city of Levallois, was not only the care of pets, but also the delivery of a donation to shelters.

“They were in complete shock when we took them in,” Lisa Fernandez, president of 3 Turkeys, told us. “After 3 days with us, they relaxed a bit and we were able to touch them with our fingers. »

Rocks, «trapped in his trauma and paralyzed by fear», hid behind his companion, Ruki. The two dogs were then placed in different shelters. The volunteers of La Maison des Animaux welcomed Rox with open arms.

Although he was afraid of the presence of people «even from afar», Rocks always felt comfortable in the company of other dogs. Health level? Nothing to report. When he set foot on French soil at the end of March, the dog had already been identified and vaccinated against rabies. Since then, other «classic» vaccines have filled up his medical history. When he calms down, he will be castrated.
Gradually Rox comes out of his shell and learns to trust people. His foster family can now pet him even if he is still very scared. Other dogs in the house help him and calm his daily life.

We cannot analyze its past, but we can look into its future. Today, in good hands, Rocks climbs the slope at his own pace and mourns his memories: he is offered a new life.

When he is ready, volunteers will offer him for adoption. This action will open a new chapter in which we are sure that Rox will finally find peace and taste complete happiness.

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