An Epileptic Dog Rescued By An Animal Shelter Is Climbing Peaks Today

Despite the chronic illness from which he suffers, Gandalf lives at a speed of 100 km/h and has a number of feats. This dog, adopted by the founder of the shelter who saved him, indulges in his favorite pastime — hiking in the mountains.

Gandalf, a dog with epilepsy, was lucky to find kind people who came to his rescue and gave him the happy life he deserves. This is reported by the Daily Record.

Five years ago, he came to the Glendrick Roost Animal Shelter, located in Stirlingshire, Scotland. He was still a small puppy when veterinarians diagnosed him with epilepsy. His first attacks came when he received his vaccines.

Miona Morrison, the founder of the orphanage, decided to adopt her. Gandolph became the association’s mascot over the months and years. Its popularity is especially evident during events hosted by Glendrick Rust, such as Snuggle, an open house of sorts where visitors come to spend time with residents and fundraise.

No peak can resist him!

Gandolph is also a mountain enthusiast, with 5 munros to his credit. In Scotland, a munro is a peak over 3,000 feet or 914.4 meters. The last to be tamed by this brave dog was Shihallion.

“Gandalf is now 5 years old and hopes to make more munros over the summer to raise money for the temple. What a wonderful boy! says Cathy, daughter of Miona Morrison, about him.

Glendrick Roost welcomes dogs, as well as many other animals of various types and sizes. This ranges from cats to horses to gerbils. The sanctuary also offers therapeutic and educational activities for those in need.

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