An amazing story! A group of volunteers rescued a dog stuck in a hole for three weeks! Tap the link and watch a video.

A dog named Billy was saved after spending a week in a tunnel. Rescuers, volunteers, took turns helping him. Personalities such as Rémy Gaillard and Julien Courbet were also mobilized.

This story had a remake of sorts in the United States. The same thing happened with Sally. The dog, which its owner says has been missing for three weeks, is stuck at the bottom of a large hole in the middle of nature.

She owes her survival to Joe, a simple traveler with a particularly fine ear. This American living in Florida perceived the groans coming from this hole. Very quickly, he realized that he could not act alone to rescue Sally.

Happy but weakened dog

He passed the information on social networks, asking for help in forming a rescue team. A call is heard. “Several wonderful people have contacted me to help me,” he says. Animal lovers and engineers flocked from all over Florida.

Once there, a strategy was determined around a quickly put together harness. Enough to allow Sally to go out into the fresh air and «roll on the grass», as if to show her joy that she is safe and sound. Weakened, of course, Sally was able to find her master.

And Joe, he was able to get back to business with a sense of accomplishment: “Being through it all made me feel really rewarded by helping another life survive. » All is well that ends well !

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