An abandoned cat gave birth to kittens on the street, before she met her guardian angel!

In early August 2022, a man living in the US state of Florida discovered that a cat he used to see next door had given birth in his garden.

The young lady, later named Rebecca, made the tree stock her makeshift hideout. So the man turned to the local association Animalluvr’s Dream Rescue for help. Indeed, it was very difficult to approach the cats.
“It is believed she was abandoned when her owners left and has been living on the street ever since,” Good Samaritan Love Meow explained.

Volunteer Nadezhda deployed a trap filled with food to carefully trap the mother. The kittens, meanwhile, hissed in fear, but were unharmed.

Rebecca no longer seemed to know the life of a house cat. She got scared and attacked Nadia. However, she quickly realized that her offspring were now safe.

Her benefactor arranged for her a cozy corner in the bathroom to make her feel at ease. Moreover, the abundance of food and water allowed him to gain weight again. “She eats very well. She installed the tray one night and has been using it ever since,” the young woman explained.

Babies, Kate, Randy and Kevin, are now 3 weeks old. They open their eyes for a few days and begin to explore the environment.

“Rebecca is a very good mother, she protects the body and soul of her children. But over time, she whistles less and is less likely to scratch me, ”explained Nadezhda.

Kate, Randy, and Kevin met Izzy, the family dog, and formed a strong bond with him.

The dog is involved in the socialization of the kittens and Rebecca. Seeing them thrive day after day is very touching to Nadia. She explained that when they were ready, they would be given up for adoption so that they would never have to live on the street again.

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