An 8-year-old girl makes bracelets that she sells to help adopt cats. Click and read this amazing story!

Brenna has always lived with cats and her mother volunteered at a cat shelter. It is enough to have unconditional love for these fluffy lumps and wish to help them. A young girl has developed a touching business that makes it easier for cats to find a home to live in.

In this state, minors can start a business. That’s why Brenna lists her bracelets on her Facebook page for less than 3 euros each.

She then donates a third of her profits to the Carolina Preserve and Rescue.

To his surprise, the concept took off. She began to multiply orders from Louisiana, and then from neighboring states.

“She was jumping for joy when she received all these orders, especially from New Hampshire. We’ve posted information about her bracelets on our adoption and rescue pages and it’s been shared a lot. Everyone was amazed that she was doing this, so she received a lot of requests, ”said Lauren Edwards.


Thus, Brenna collected 510 euros in a week. These funds will reduce adoption costs and thus help cats find their new homes forever. The young lady returned to creating other models to travel to the Fairview Fall Festival in Monroe on October 6, 2022 and thus continue her charity work.

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