Aloe’s favorite toy? Scrunchy. When the cat tried to get an accessory stuck under the washing machine, she accidentally opened her hiding place to the owner!

Our beloved pets sometimes have an obsession with relatively unusual objects that makes us laugh. The story told here is humorous!

From a young age, Aloe has always refused to settle for ordinary toys. She developed an exceptional passion for elastic bands designed to bind her hair, which she runs around the house.
One day Ann Tam, her owner, found her lying on the floor with one paw out under the washing machine. The fluffy lump was trying to grab something. But what ?

Her foster mother simply thought of a piece of clothing that had accidentally slipped under the device, or one of the famous rubber bands her furry friend loved so much.

Ann used the hanger to get the item while the cat waited next to her. This is not a piece of clothing and not one elastic band … but about thirty rubber bands released from under the washing machine! Aloe accidentally revealed her secret hideout, much to the delight of her human.

“When Aloe saw them, I think she was in heaven,” said Ann, “she sat down and looked at them for a second. Then she started fiddling with them all (so some went back under the washing machine). It was a truly hilarious sight !»

Of course, just because her owner discovered her stash doesn’t mean Aloe will stop hoarding gum. This is his most valuable possession. While they’re hanging around the house, she’ll have fun with them and find a way to hide them!

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