All About Cat Hair Care!

As a rule, your cat is a very clean animal. He will also spend most of his day, in addition to sleeping, washing himself. However, this does not prevent you from keeping his coat flawless, silky and shiny. We give you some tips on how to take care of your coat in the best possible way.
Caring for a cat is not only about aesthetics. More broadly, washing and brushing can relieve some of his coat problems. For example, offers him a complete cleaning, and not just in areas where he may be. Others are unattainable despite its great flexibility.

Taking care of it also means avoiding knots or removing them if they have already formed. Indeed, if they are unsightly, knots can also be a source of skin problems. Infections can occur and it is important to avoid them.

Bath ? Not always
Contrary to popular belief, bathing a cat is not always healthy. It really depends on the breed of your cat as well as her daily activities. If the latter is to wallow in the mud in your garden, he will have to go through the tub box.

Some cats love water and won’t be indifferent to this grooming, which can be more sporty and traditional at other times.

If a node is formed?
The nodes are to be removed. Either through a bath, or through intensive combing, or even through good scissors. They are bad for the health of your cat’s coat. After all, they suffocate his skin and therefore can contribute to the occurrence of skin pathologies.

Sometimes grooming is necessary, especially if your cat is competing. You must not abuse this. This can be useful if your patron’s coat is really in poor condition.

Diet plays a role!

Your cat’s coat will have a very specific look depending on the food it eats. Indeed, food plays an essential role in his coat. It can make it longer lasting, shiny, silky, but also duller if not suitable for your cat.

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