After Living With An Abusive Owner And His Methods Of «Education», The Dog Ended Up In The Hospital With A Serious Injury

Harry is a luxurious Pyrenean mountain dog breed. It’s hard to believe, but this imposing handsome man with thick hair had a difficult life until he was helped by kind-hearted people…

It all started with the fact that the dog fell into the hands of a heartless man. For some reason, he decided that it was possible to mock a dog and take out his bad mood on the animal, asserting himself at the expense of a harmless creature. The cruel man did not give the dog a drop of love and affection, adhering to his «education methods», and the neighbors watched all this. According to the new owners, poor Harry lived like this for about four years! And no one came to his aid! At some point, the neighbors, who apparently preferred not to interfere in Harry’s life, could not stand it and still turned to the rescue service.

Finally, the animal was taken away from the evil owner, and our glorious hero ended up in a shelter. There, the vets discovered that the poor girl had a broken hip! It was because of the beating that Harry was subjected to, can you imagine? And now he needed urgent surgery!

Fortunately, The Great Pyrenees Rescue Society found out about the glorious dog and volunteered to help the pet. Not only did they cover all the costs associated with the surgery, but they also found a wonderful family who took Harry in for foster care. After the operation, he was weak, but quickly recovered thanks to the care of kind people.

When the dog fully recovered, they found him a wonderful family from California, who took Harry to them! Knowing what the “boy” had to endure, the owners adore him and pamper him. Together with two other dogs, which people also «adopted», Harry feels absolutely happy!

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