After leaving food for three stray cats near her home, the volunteer noticed that one of them…oh, how cute…

Celine Krom of the Quebec association Chatons Orphelins Montréal has started leaving food outside her door to help hungry stray cats. She also set up a trap cage so she could shelter them and provide them with the care they needed.

One evening, 3 cats came, attracted by the treats that were in the trap cage. Among them, a young cat became interested in the cat Celine Krom, who was standing behind a glass door, reports Love Meow. While her two friends chose to leave, she remained there, her paw on the window, trying to contact her brother.

Celine Krom did not want to frighten him with her approach. She waited for the cat to be lured into the cage by food. She was really stuck in there. The volunteer was able to take care of her. The young cat spent her first night warm and safe.

She was then taken to a veterinarian for treatment and neutering, before being placed with a foster family. She was named Galouet by the Chatons Orphelins Montréal team, and her age was estimated at 6 months. “At first she was scared, but deep down she just wanted to be loved,” says Celine Krom. With her adoptive mother, Geraldine, Galou gradually relaxed and learned to ask for love. She quickly became attached to her cat to the point where the two felines became inseparable.

A year later, Geraldine adopted her permanently. Galu became a full member of the family.

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