After he was rescued by his future owner, Snickers was in a terrible state…Each of them brings happiness to another!

Snickers, a 2-year-old tricolor cat, always looks happy. His markings and face shape give him a permanent «smile». Good humor, which is not only obvious, as she leads a happy life with someone who always believed in her, even when her chances of survival were slim.

Kelly DeWeese from Owensboro, Kentucky is a 46-year-old avid athlete. In June 2020, this sports club manager was going through a particularly difficult period. She lost her mother Edna a week ago and was depressed. She was just getting back to jogging when, running near a cornfield, she found the kitten in poor condition.

The young cat was about 5 months old. She was sick and infested with fleas. The jogger took her home to wash and console her. She named it «Snickers» because she found it next to an empty wrapper from the famous candy bar.

The next day the animal was examined by veterinarians. Snickers constantly sneezed instead of meowing, and his eyes looked infected. She received treatment for several weeks, but her condition did not improve. The specialist was then recommended to Kelly DeWeese, who drove 2 hours to get to her office in Louisville.
So, polyps were found behind the cat’s eyes, which had to undergo 2 operations to remove them. Kelly DeWeese learned that Snickers had a one in two chance of going blind, and she was even offered to euthanize her. Which she categorically refused.

After 2 surgeries and $7,000 in veterinary expenses, the kitten was considered rescued. Kelly DeWees, too, in a way, since Snickers helped her out of her depression.

Today they are inseparable. Each brings happiness to the other without counting. Many Snickers followers on Instagram are benefiting from this as well, regularly discovering great photos and videos of this «smiling tricolor cat».

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