After Being Rescued And Cared For, Bella Was Adopted!

Chained to the back of the house, Bella had a real nightmare. Trying to free himself, the poor dog gnawed on one paw. Fortunately, his story ends well. After being rescued and taken care of, she was adopted!

Bella, a female pit bull, was chained and left in the back of a house without water or food. The unfortunate prisoner even gnawed on one of her hind legs, hoping to taste freedom.

A heartbreaking scene discovered by animal control agents in Saginaw, Michigan, USA, thanks to an alarm raised by a local resident. She was taken to a veterinary clinic where her paws were treated.

After her wounds were dressed, Bella was taken to the Best Friends Animal Society shelter in Utah, People magazine reported in an April 4, 2022 article.

Bella still had a long way to go before she was completely happy. This act of abuse left her emotionally traumatized… Her rescuers worked hard to help her recover and move on.

“I am immensely grateful to Best Friends Animal Shelter that Bella has never experienced such pain and agony again,” said Desi Sage, an animal protection officer who participated in the rescue, bringing the survivor to the shelter.

In addition to being cured of the fur of the beast, the female pit bull was given a magnificent gift. In February 2022, Illinois natives Kim Deal and Jason Reading visited the facility in hopes of adopting a new pet after their older pit bull passed away.

Good luck, Bella!

The couple literally fell in love with Bella’s beautiful face and didn’t hesitate for a second to apply for her adoption. Once the staff approved their application, Kim and Jason arrived to pick up their new family member. “Her story is very sad, and it’s very unfortunate that she had to go through this, but we intend to make up for all this,” her foster mother admitted, “we intend to spoil her. »

Bella emerged from the hideout with a big smile on her face and quickly adjusted to her new surroundings. The past is now in the past. The dog gets all the love it deserves and starts a new adventure with caring people. Good luck, Bella!

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