After 8 years of faithful service, guide dog Hercules celebrates his retirement with a touching event.

Hercules was born in February 2012. This beautiful black Labrador Retriever was destined to do good around him. So he joined the home of Katherine, Frances, and their daughter Louise after he was weaned in order to benefit from guide dog training.

The couple then began to socialize the young dog. After all, a dog for a blind man with a diploma should be able to accompany him everywhere, with the exception of hospital wards and professional kitchens.

Therefore, he is used to shopping centers and their escalators, elevators and even public transport.

This was followed by rigorous training to master the tricks of the trade: fulfill their needs in a ditch, identify crosswalks or vacant spaces, find a counter, and of course, get the owner to avoid obstacles.

Hercules passed the exam with honors. Thus, in February 2014 he started his career  at Bourbon-les-Bains in the Haute-Marne.His new friend was Cedric Savagio.

“I felt more secure in my travels, more relaxed and less tired. He is a cold-blooded dog and diligent in his work. Walking with him has always been a joy,” said Cedric.

The duet lasted 8 years. Hercules and Cedric have taken part in numerous activities organized by the Association of the Disabled (API) to downplay disability.

These school awareness meetings were systematically very successful, so that Hercules became a small local star that everyone appreciated.

Katherine and Francis, who had befriended Cedric, naturally offered to take him. Hercules will now live on a farm in Normandy, populated with many animals and provided with giant green spaces.

By the time he left, the whole community had arranged a village meal in his honor. Emotions were strong! Cedric took the opportunity to warmly thank his faithful four-legged companion, who will miss him terribly.

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