After 6 years of waiting and spending thousands of euros, this family can finally welcome their adopted dog abroad.

Despite years of waiting, colossal sums spent and all the difficulties that have arisen, Natasha Corbin and David Danes have absolutely no regrets, on the contrary. Finally having a Munchkin by your side, in your own country, is priceless.

Six years ago a couple adopted this dog in Bali, Indonesia. These Australians were still far from suspecting that a long struggle awaited them for the repatriation of the animal.

Munchkin’s arrival in Australia has been constantly delayed due to health concerns, endless paperwork, quarantine measures and restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So many obstacles that Natasha Corbyn and David Danes never gave up when they discouraged more than one. They were too attached to the dog to stop hoping and fighting.

After Indonesia, Munchkin went to Singapore, then to New Zealand. In each country where it was in transit, the dog was placed in a foster family. Natasha Corbin and David Danes had to organize all of this, and it was far from easy.

At the end of 2021, David Danes was with Munchkin in New Zealand and Natasha Corbyn briefly returned to Australia exploring various repatriation options. The couple did not hope to find a solution until February 2022, but in December they were finally able to find a charter flight.
The Munchkin arrived on Australian soil just in time to celebrate Christmas at his new family home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Meanwhile, the dog became famous. Shortly after she arrived, the veterinarian who examined her exclaimed, «Oh my God, is that the Munchkin I heard about on ABC radio?»

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