Adventurous Cat Makes It Clear He Doesn’t Like Beach Wind With Hilarious Expression

The owner of the Pumpkin immortalized her cat’s expression, which proves that he does not like the wind. Photos posted on social networks moved Internet users.

Tia is the proud owner of two cats, Pumpkin and Mustache, whom she first adopted and then adopted (can’t bring herself to let them go). As she grew up, Tia noticed that Pumpkin suffered from mild cerebellar hypoplasia, which affected her coordination and distance perception. «We say he’s as clumsy as a puppy,» Tia told The Dodo. However, this shortcoming does not prevent him from going on an adventure with his brother and his masters.

Indeed, the whole family is engaged in activities that, to put it mildly, are atypical for cats. In particular, they go hiking, kayaking and kayaking. One day, Tia decided to take her cats to the beach. The two were having fun «like crazy» until the wind began to blow in strong gusts. The ginger cat then showed his distaste for the wind. “The face he made, we had never seen anything like it before, so we took photos and videos,” his mistress explained. His facial expression speaks for itself!

Since then, Pumpkin and his brother have returned to the beach several times, where they still have so much fun running around and catching sea fleas. Photos posted on Facebook were all the rage. Like the Pumpkin owners, the community couldn’t help but laugh. So Tia opened a profile specifically dedicated to the adventures of her unusual cat, which now has over 10,000 followers. Between the two escapades, Pumpkin attempts to recuperate by taking a nap.

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