Actress Dakota Fanning Shares Precious Memories Of Her Deceased Dog.

Talented American actress Dakota Fanning spoke briefly about her deceased dog Lewellen in front of singer Kelly Clarkson during her appearance on the latter’s talk show. Together with Michelle Pfeiffer, she spoke about her collar, inside of which a part of the deceased animal remained.

Dakota Fanning was a recent guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show, as was Michelle Pfeiffer. The two actresses starred together in Sam, I Am Sam (2001), directed by Jesse Nelson and alongside Sean Penn. The Conyers, Georgia native brought back memories of Lewellen, her dog, who is no longer in this world.

On the topic of pets, Kelly Clarkson first spoke to Michelle Pfeiffer. The California artist, who played Catwoman in Batman: The Challenge in 1992, responded that she has had several dogs in the past, but currently her daily life is shared by a cat. The cat in question is named Bella.

The singer and presenter then turned to Dakota Fanning, who was already touching and staring at her gold pendant, preparing to respond.
Actually, in this necklace, the 28-year-old actress keeps part of her four-legged friend.

«My first and only dog»

“She really is dead. My first and only dog, she said smiling as if to better hide her excitement. His name was Levellen.»
Dakota Fanning keeps a small sample of dog hair. Thus, «it’s with me,» she continues.

“People don’t always understand,” continues Kelly Clarkson. I also have children, and my pets are part of the family.”
We can only agree with this…

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