He Has Taste In Music!

Some dog breeds howl more frequently than others, such as the Husky or the Saarloos Wolfdog. For a Chihuahua, this is quite rare. Moreover, this one does not just call the wolf. He literally sings to the music of science fiction films or to the accompaniment of an instrument. The little dog has become a singing star on the Internet.

James Cunningham, 26, is the proud owner of Ozzy, a 3-year-old Chihuahua with unexpected powers. Both live in Arbroath in Scotland and have a common passion: adventure films like Star Wars, Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings.

When Ozzy was still a puppy, his owner started playing the harmonica. The little dog ran up and, of course, sang. “Ozzy came up, looked at me and started screaming. Since then, he has been doing this systematically, ”James clarified.

Dog singing video goes viral

James thought he needed to show his adorable dog’s soprano talents to as many people as possible. So he opened the Ozzy The Chihuahua YouTube channel, where he publishes the best songs. You can hear Ozzy sing cheerfully at the top of his voice and to the rhythm of his favorite music.

“He always sings the harmonica, as well as other instruments like violin or saxophone,” James added. The videos posted on the net are eliciting a lot of reactions from people who are gentle and admire the little dog’s pace.

Apart from this unusual trait, Ozzy is a fairly average dog. «He loves to walk, play in the garden with his toys and sing,» James said. One thing is for sure, Ozzy has a strong character and a great personality. “He loves his family very much and knows how to tell us about it,” his owner concluded.

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