Abused And Thrown Into The River Puppy Is Still Ready To Give People A Chance!

VanBuren, a 6-month-old puppy, was found abandoned in an iron cage by a river. The young dog with the broken leg is slowly recovering from his injury and his traumatic experience at the shelter. However, he can already be adopted.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter in the state of Michigan in the United States took in an injured puppy in early May 2022. The poor animal had been dumped in the Jackson Country river after being placed in a mesh box. Fortunately, a good man found the barely 6-month-old puppy before the rain fell.

Veterinary care

VanBuren, his nickname, had «a nasty fracture» in his right front leg when he arrived at the shelter. The vets put a cast on him to heal his injury. He is now on his way to recovery and is grateful to the JCAS volunteers: “He is a super sweet and affectionate boy, only 5-6 months old. Full of energy and tenderness, he always loves people and wants to be the best dog wherever he is,” the guys from a shelter say in their Facebook post.

VanBuren is now wisely waiting for an adoptive family to give him the life he deserves, in a caring and loving home. The JCAS ensures that he can be adopted now despite the ongoing care:
“We know that he would heal much better in a home and there is no reason for him to wait to be adopted! JCAS will continue medical care for his paw after the adoption,” the organization said.

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