Abandoned puppy at the airport carries a letter from his owner. Tap the link and watch a touching story!

Sometimes extreme situations make people reluctantly give up their dogs. This was also the case with little Chewie, whose owner, according to a note she left behind, had no choice but to part with her dog in order to protect him.

This is a very sad story of little Chewie, a three month old Chihuahua. The puppy was found alone and injured in a Las Vegas airport bathroom over the weekend. While abandoning an animal is considered an act of cruelty, it is clear in this particular case that the owner was acting in the best interests of the animal.

The owner of the puppy left a letter in which she explained that she was able to save herself and her animal from apparent abuse. This desperate act, unfortunately, required the separation of the two friends.

Luckily, Chewie didn’t stay alone for long. A kindhearted man took him to Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue, of which Linda Gilliam is the president and founder.

«This story broke my heart,» Gilliam told The Dodo. “I did not hesitate to welcome him to our place and asked to see him. »

Thus, Chewie was on the road to recovery and a better life.

Chewie’s former owner could not be located, but by sharing the puppy’s story, Gilliam hopes it will help pet owners in a similar situation.

If these people cannot leave their situation accompanied by their four-legged friend, animal shelters are ready to provide the necessary assistance to animals to help all victims of such a situation get out of it. Shelter members often work to reunite the animal with its owner.

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