Abandoned by former owners who «couldn’t take care of her anymore», this cat finds love at 10. Tap the link and watch a video!

Mallie was left without a family overnight. A change that’s all the more difficult knowing she’s spent 10 years of her life living in the warmth of a home. Fortunately, the elderly cat won the hearts of caring people.

A couple who already had 4 pet cats and weren’t necessarily going to have a fifth fell in love with this fur ball. While shopping at Petco, an American company that sells pet products and offers various services (adoption, grooming, etc.), partners on a whim visited the cats offered for adoption.

There they met Mallie. Visitors fell in love with this gray-haired and lonely creature!

Mallie’s new owners created a TikTok account @little.mallie to tell their story. To date, over 119,000 people regularly follow his adventures. Internet users are pleased to see how this old animal, once abandoned, thrives in its new home. Having passed the ordeal, Mallie can safely enjoy her old age. The main thing is that now she is happy and surrounded by love.

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