A woman travels with a poodle… Your heart will melt when you find out why they are doing it!

Meet Christine Henry and her poodle Kenya. Together they have already traveled more than 950 thousand kilometers in their car to help people in remote areas of the country.
Kristin and her dog are the real heroes, and here’s why…

Christine is a nun and a qualified nurse. About 10 years ago, she retired, but decided not to sit idle.

Together with her four-legged friend, the woman began to travel around the United States. She traveled to remote communities that were affected by floods, droughts or natural disasters.

Later, Christine expanded her circle of help and began to bring medicines and medical care to people who live far from the city.
It became the so-called bridge between the inhabitants of the outback and the big cities. And her poodle is with her!


During trips, Kenya always sits in the front passenger seat and controls every trip.
Thanks to a friendly dog, many people become more trusting and kind, easily agree to contact.

Their car is filled to the top with everything necessary for first aid and just various medicines and medical supplies. Much of this comes from donations.

Kristin claims she has been doing this for 10 years and will continue as long as she can drive. These people need her!
This wonderful couple proves that you have as much love as is enough for the whole world! And even a little more … Shine! 😉

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